Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Summer and Fall 2008

Travel this summer (July 2008) was a wonderful trip with sisters Betty and Barb and with Deej, driving up to the Woodstock reunion in Toronto. Got to see some classmates, including Joyce D, all the way from Australia, as well as Kathy and Li. Wonderful time, wonderful town. Even learned some Bollywood dancing! Deej saw Naiagra Falls for the first time, and we kids saw it after a long time (1957?).

Then my October 2008 trip to Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin was great. Got to be in on Lauren's birthday party, and skated for the first time in 50 years or so. Also apple festival at Deals, church where we saw Diann briefly, lunch with all at the Carlson's, and bike trip out to the Raccoon river bridge. Fell and broke my Lumix camera. Helped teach a French class again. Got Julie onto faster DSL (and wireless) instead of dail-up. Missed connecting with Jan. Vickie's Jim came from Boone and gave me a ride to the airport.

Mot much unusual in Madison - CONSALD meeting and supper (I was the oldest member of the group?! wow). Briefly had dinner with Crispin and Aya. Interesting evening with magician. Speeches by Vena Das and Ramchandra Guha. Good Afghan and Nepal food in their restaurants - meeting new people, who are also on Facebook. Bad surprise - had to pay $15 extra for luggage on each of the three times I flew.

Went to the beach in late May - and got to see Woody, Denise, and Ellie at Jamestown on the way back.

Nice side trip in late October up to the Blue Ridge to see the fall leaves.

Day after tomorrow (27th Nov 2008) we go to Sharon's in the Valley for Thanksgiving.