Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime in Chicago

Went to the Asian Association Conference in Chicago in late March 2009 - nothing exciting, but interesting to be with other South Asian librarians for a while and their meetings, and to re-establish friendships with Anand and others, and to go to some interesting presentations. And I saw and met Peter M from Australia; last time I saw, talked with him was when we were graduate students at the U of Wisconsin, Madison, in the mid 1960s. He said Don Best was retired from his university career as an American historian. Both Peter and Don migrated to Australia in the late 1960s as prospects for getting academic jobs in the US were very, very slim. Maybe I should have gone with them? That would have made a very different life for me over the past 40 years!

The last day in Chicago it snowed just as we were departing. The Sunday snow fall was beautiful and non-threatening to travel (only 3 inches or so).

I always enjoy Chicago, its architecture, museums, waterfront, changes, food, etc.