Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Adventures 2011

My summer trip at the end of July took me to Julie's in Iowa for a few days (Thursday 21st July to Sunday 24th July), then on to meet up with Akiko in Denver for a day (24-25 July), on to Christopher's in Colorado Springs (Monday 25th-Friday 29th), and back north to Fort Collins for the weekend WOSA reunion (Friday 25th to Monday 1st August), with Jan picking me up on Monday (we might also see Bruche H) to take me to an afternoon flight from Denver to Charlottesville.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beach 2011

This year's trip to the North Carolina Outerbanks beach was the second week of June 2011. But it began with a day trip to the Duke University library to physically access and view their Collection of South Asia pamphlets on Friday the 10th June 2011. Then Saturday was a drive straight east, near the end through (surprise to us) the burning peat fire of Pains Bay in the Alligator River park, just before going over the bridge to Manteo and our rental house in South Nags Head.

Then the week at the beach, hanging out at the south Nags Head beach, Coquina beach, a beach near Pea Island, one near Frisco (Sandy Bay), and the beach nearest to the town of Ocracoke. Thursday we had a nice trip to see the Art Show at Avon's Hatteras Realty, with Stephanie Kiker, Scott Gibb, Nancy Costanza, and other artists.

We cooked great evening meals of fish and shrimp from Bill's, Austin, and Whalebone seafood markets, as well as dining out at Sooey's BBQ, Nags Head Pier, Thai Moon, and Sugar Creek restaurant.

The water was very cold in the north, but much warmer on the southern beaches; shells were almost nil. We had smoke in our area the first 3 days, but not later when it shift south or was dispersed by Friday morning rain. That was new - and Deej kept a watch on the smoke situation via the Internet.

Then the trip home Saturday the 18th June 2011, on very crowded, bumper to bumper Interstates (but it kept moving along most of the way).

A nice vacation.