Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach 2009 May

The weather was good, good - the water was cold, cold. Sat 23May - Sat 30 May 2009, in south Nags Head at a house called Ocean Adventure, #416. Good straight view of the ocean down a 2 block road, could see dolphins through binoculars. Ate at Mako Mikes the first night; great food at Blue Moon Grill Thursday night (Fish tacos and calamari); good food at Ocracoke's Thai Moon cafe on Wed. Then cooking tile fish and 2 lbs of shrimp from Austen's, scallops from Whalebone seafood, and mahi from Wancheese, the last with Lynn over for supper Thurs night, after cocktails at her place, Bird's Nest at 100 Altoona.

Several times we went out on our south Nags Head beach; also two wide beaches on Ocracoke (but rip tides on Wed), and twice at the Pea Island beach (Tuesday's trip to Pea Island, and then on the way back from Ocracoke). Crowded beaches on Sat, Sun, and Memorial Monday, but then pretty empty beaches.

Got to Duck on Friday on the same afternoon we looked for tie-dye shirts for friends and found the Carolina Moon gallery in Duck and the donations shop in KDH, and over to Manteo (to see David's house at 500 Fernando) and Wancheese on Thursday afternoon.

Lazy relaxed time - especially on the nice front (back?) porch facing the ocean. Bird nesting right below the deck.

Very week wi-fi through Linksys up through Wed, then hardly any connectivity. Called and got very slow dialup on Thursday at $16 a month! through agninet now ncisp.net.

Did a lot of walking, shelling was not that great but fun, also watching pelicans and for dolphins.

Didn't gain weight, but first year my arm had white spotty arm tan.

Visited sister Barb in her place in Richmond on our way back to Charlottesville. Jado had been left alone all Friday and Saturday - happy to see us, purring, and chowed down.

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