Monday, November 2, 2009

Dilli and Kailash

Dilli Haat and Greater Kailash Market - 2 November 2009 Monday.  Guru Nanak's holiday, full moon.

[Details and more later]

Breakfast buffet again (holiday).  Taxi (same driver as yesterday) to Dilli Haat - a collection of 80 or so state and specialty Indian carft shops and 10 or so different state food restaurants - shopping.  Over to Greater Kailash and three FabIndia stores and Anokhi. Back to Grand Peepal Hotel.  Walk to Aangan veg restaurant, with another surprise - the open walking shopping mall along 5 or 6 vehicle-free roads, with street shops and stalls, crowds of strollers and many hawkers calling out their wares and prices.  Marvelous buzz of activity.  Great thali and Hyderabadi chaap.  To Peepal rooftop to view and hear fireworks in the distance celebrating Guru Nanak's day.

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