Monday, June 7, 2010

Beach 2010 Day 3

Monday, 7 June 2010, South Nags Head, NC. Third day at the beach.  Wild life around the Sea Hawk rental - big bunny out back, tiny humming bird on its nest in the front yard's pine tree, and little green frog hiding on the front porch.  Today the weather is perfect - blue skies after very early morning showers, temperature in the 70s, compared to to 90s yesterday with its high winds blowing stinging sand onto our legs at the beach; today has calm winds, with cold but not freezing water at this morning's beach when we dipped into the waves for 5 minutes.

Saturday. So we planned to leave by 10 Saturday morning, but then I saw an email from Marilyn that the Class of 1975 group was indeed in town for the reunion weekend, staying over at Jefferson Park Circle.  I was mostly packed by 9:45 am, so went over to see them.  Susan's Richard met me at the door and we cleared up the confusion of who he was and who I was and then joined Susan and Lisa on the back porch, with Lisa going off to get Marilyn, after we talked briefly of where she is and what not.  Nice talk with Susan, with her restoration project almost done - kids, etc. Marilyn came down and we had a nice catching up conversation for about 20 minutes - her involvement with her dad's large number of books, etc.  Got a couple photos, before Marilyn walked me out - good to see her and others even briefly, after these 15-20 years.

Back home and packing up the car and getting on the road by 11 - stopped beyond Richmond for Subway lunch, with slowed, stand-still traffic beyond Williamsburg because of an accident, and then again, another 20 minute delay trying to go over the bridge to the Outer Banks, also because of an accident.  We also stopped to get cheap gas just inside NC, but it was even cheaper ($2.43) beyond Grandy; also stopped at Powells for blackberry juice, peaches, strawberries, etc. Remarkably made it about 4:25 pm to pick up our key at 4.75 mile post from Wrights.  Then got groceries at Harris Teeters (beers and shrimp, etc), after ABC Store in Kitty Hawk, and on to Food Lion in Nags Head - cereal and mango juice, before getting to South Nags Head Sea Hawk rental (#426) around 5:40.  Almost immediately we had a small shower - and a beautiful rainbow. Unloading, settling in, firing up dsl, and cooking a great supper of shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob, and strawberries with whipped cream.  Oh, yes, drove to the public beach and walked around for about 30 minutes after we unpacked.  Somewhat windy - lots of seaweed on the beaches, some jelly fish.  Calm water.

Sunday - mainly relaxed and did not go to the beach until around 4 pm, since it was very windy, very hot - blowing sand stung our legs - hardly any one else on the beach either.  Drove to Grits for a fine breakfast around 9:30 and got a couple more grocery items (sandwich bags, paper towels), and some stuff at the Dollar Store.  Then back 'home'  Went north to 'town' again around 1 for lunch at Sooey's BBQ, splitting a normal, but very, very good bbq poke sandwich; went to Radio Shack and bought a wireless router on sale for $39.99.  Stopped at a SeaSurf shop finding nothing, and a the fish shop and got 1 lb. mahi mahi. The hook up at home was easy and nice - works well with two computers (the Compaq HP and the mini or Chota Dell) - even the streaming live webcams work fine on both of them.  Put up the self-portrait photo of us at the beach and the rainbow photo on Facebook - which brought several comments. Watched the bunny outside in the late afternoon with Deej's prepared gin and vodka tonics, when we got back from the beach.  Again a good evening meal - broiled mahi mahi (seemed nicely fresh), vegs, and strawberry desert.  We were both strangely very tired, dissatisfied with the rotten TV programs. And went to be around 11 or so (very early for me).

So, this is the 3rd day at the beach - Deej is off getting fish sandwiches for lunch, while I enjoy a blackberry coke.

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