Monday, October 25, 2010

Ch'ville to Mussoorie

Took a car Wed (20th Oct 2010) to Richmond, a flight to Newark, a 2.5 delayed 14 (minus) hour flight to Delhi (arriving around 9:30 pm Thursday the 21st Oct, waited long for luggage, then went through visa and customs), was picked up by my travel agent (about 10:30 pm), went with him to go over my itinerary and bill, found an ATM after two tries to pay the bill, made the 11:55 overnight train to Dehra Dun, arriving at 5:45 am Friday the 22nd Oct, with taxi waiting and winded our way to Mussoorie around 7 am, and the Hanifl Center around 7:30 am as my Woodstock companions were headed out to breakfast.

See Photos India 2010 #1 - the first 20 photos or so.

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