Saturday, October 16, 2010

Madison again in October

Headed to Madison again, after several days with Julie and family in Iowa, where I again attended librarian meetings and the annual South Asia Conference.

Madison's a great place - on the lakes, where I went to graduate school for 4 years in the mid 1960s, lived and learned - and where I've come back to often for this fall annual South Asia Conferences.

Wed the flight from Des Moines was delayed about 1/2 hour since they encountered thundershowers leaving Chicago, but our flight was fine.  Then sitting around Chicago, this time with my gate nearby - so I got lunch at Chillies, then on to Madison, reading some more on the Little book on Language, in an aisle seat. The surprise was to get a Green Cab after I got my luggage off the carousel - and I needed to tell the Asian looking cab driver how to get to University Inn, since he kept going around the Capital square.  And  a cheap fare - $11 plus tip - quite Green.

Settled into a nice room #311 on the side away from the noisy State street, and went up and down State street popping in to the nick-knack shops after going to the University book store for some good cards and pens.  Supper again at Kabul, lamb kabob - but those are 8 big pieces of lamb with the onion, tomato, and green pepper.  Their soup and bread is always great.  Not much in the evening but my webcam was not interactive in the living room - don't know why.

Thursday, lazy getting up and preparing for the meetings.  Ate at the PotBelly across the street since the other Afghan restaurant, Shabaz, has disappeared - had chili again.  Off to get my pass and greeting people for the two hour presentation by Carol and Fehl of the Islamabad and Delhi offices.  Then the 4 hour meeting from 2-6 of the CONSALD meeting - the Round Robins taking lots of time, though also usually good and interesting information of other libraries.  I got my ephemera or pamphlet pitch in, show the GoSher blog also.  Walked with others to Carol's (20 blocks?), and had a fantastic India supper there catered by Taste of India.  And then walked by myself the 22-24 blocks back to the hotel in the dark.

Friday got up, eating breakfast of cereal, milk, and juice I had bought the day before, packed, and carried or rolled my luggage as I moved from the University Inn to the Madison Concourse Hotel, where the Conference also is.  Got here about 10, and got to a great 3rd floor room - one floor above the main Conference panel floor and the same floor as the swimming pool. Registered for the Conference and luckily got a meal ticket. Full day of panels, from about 10:30 on, with lunch of Momos at Himal Chula, and the a great Indian supper at the end of the afternoon panels.  A keynote talk about Mystic India, and then some flute music before I got too tired and came upstairs.

Saturday, same or more panels, lunch again at Himal Chula, this time their veg special of cauliflower, peas, etc. Afternoon panels and then a symposium praising Narayan Rao - interesting and he was there giving a humble reply.  Back down to Kabul restaurant for  supper of lamb kababs again - and then back to the Madison Concourse Hotel to watch in amazement as Wisconsin beat the #1 college team, Ohio State.  I went for a leisurely swim and sat in the hot jacuzzi at half time. Talked (via Gmail chat and video) some with Deej.  Earlier I'd written to Beth, Deej, Mary, and Lois about taking charge for next Saturday's Curry Club.  Looks like Beth with do it right, as Deej has her visiting Aunt Jerry and daughter Christine coming next Sat to see her sister (Deej's mom Mimi) in Harrisonburg and Sharon's going to help with a lunch.

Packing some so I can get up at 3:30 to catch the 4:15 taxi to get to the airport by 4:30, an hour before my 5:30 am flight. Crazy.

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