Monday, October 25, 2010

WorldWide Woodstock Celebration at Woodstock

Time for the World Wide Woodstock Day, at Woodstock while others celebrated around the world.  The second annual one, in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Woodstock School Old Students Association, WOSA, to be held next year 2012.  This one was held at the Woodstock School President’s residence, starting around 6:30 pm, included about 35 people, alumni and staff from over the years, some visitors, like 3 members of the Class of 1960 also celebrating their 50th, many residents on the hillside who were past staff or student alumni, and present staff.   It was my second attendance, being at Woodstock last year at Pennington for the first celebration.  Anne asked, will you be here for the real celebration 2012?  Who knows?

We arrived from Hanifl Center at the President’s house at around 6:30 pm – Alan said – wow, this is the first time I was allowed at the President’s house.  Others trickled in during the next half hour.  We were greeted by the President at the door, put our coats down in a back room  There was a wonderful roaring file in the living room, a table with food in covered metal dishes in the living room, with seating all around.  The President gave some remarks, and then Chris S added more, with a little history of how the event had originated and was binging promoted by Woodstock as he headed the effort.  The trays of vegetable and meat  kababs were placed on the coffee table near the fire place – at one point Helen had to shoo the cat from its stiffing and interest in the meat kababs.  Then there was the food – various salads, curries, rice, naan, etc. in a very festive atmosphere.  People greeting old friends, but mostly getting to know new friends, surprised at the connections, common experiences and common friends, and the stories events at Woodstock and after. Several staff were there, tired from their full day experience and participation at the Olympics.  Including celebrity, Tom Alter, who was, as usual one of the centers of recounting memories and personal associations. Other alumni had just arrived, especially for this event, and greeting old and new friends.  Laugher, warm conversations, stories galor, finding suprising connections. 

The party started breaking up around 8 and after, and we drifted back to the Hanifl center full of good food and sharing the connections and stories we had heard. A successful WWD at Woodstock.

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