Friday, December 3, 2010

18 November 2010 Lucknow tour

Thursday. Deepak gives me a great tour of the city of Lucknow.

Go to the Residency and walk around

Pick up Holly and Anushka and go to the big main masjid and mosque complex, the Imambara.

Back to the city, and get and eat some mithai mukan on the street with Holly near the old Lucknow bazaar gate - really wonderful taste and treat.  Start walking into the main old bazaar lane, but most shops closed for BakrId, so go back to the gate and Holly buys some sweets at the sweet shop.  One of the clerks says he recongnizes me (though I have not been in Lucknow since I was about 9 years old!).

Drive past Isabella Thoburn College, and to a really big, wonderful Mall - just like in the States in many ways - and have a McDonald's lunch.  They point out the net above the first floor ceiling, to prevent suicide attempts for the upper 4th or 5th floor balconies.

A visit with Deepak's uncle and aunt - really interesting folks, with lots of questions to me.

Back to pick up my knapsack, and to the airport for the 2:30 pm flight; but get to wait for the one-hour delayed flight back to Delhi.  Pleasant flight - smooth and not packed.  First flight where one needs to pay for any food or drink.

Get picked up by Uday - and taken to the Florance Inn for my new single room.  Looks nice, but no Interet access from it.

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