Friday, December 10, 2010

The KhajuAgraYana epic - a further episode in the Ramayana

An epic tale about joining Rama Robert in an month long exile from home (USA) to the distant wild and exotic forests, ashrams, mountains, cities, and cultural monuments of a far off land (north India)

The companions - Sita Suzanne (left at home), Sita Alice, Sita Anne, Sita Claudia, Sita Gail, Sita Jeanie, and Sita Kathy, with Laxman Abe, Laxman Llyn, and Laxman Philip.

Our Hunuman army of assistants and helpers- Uday agents, tour guides, drivers, cooks, hotel clerks, and luggage carriers.

Ravana - in many guises, with one of his ten faces for each of the ten of us personally - to tempt us through beggars, rug salesmen, hawkers; to offer us unclean succulant, tasty vegetables and sweats and drinks; to invade our bodies with colds, and sniffles, and germs, and diareaha; to make us too cold without space heaters, or too hot without air conditioning; to force us to pay extras, or too much, or carry on bargaining or haggling far too long and unbending; to make luggage carriers argue and argue without carrying the luggage; to randomly change wonderful smooth wide roads into bumpy, rough roads for mile after mile; to present us sights of poor, staving, and suffering humans and animals, un-cared for, ignored, left to themselves. These and many more things the evil Ravana presented to us or did to us.  BUT we struggled and overcame all of his attempts through our individual and collective heroic efforts.

The places we went, and saw, the food we ate, the people we met,  -

And what we did, and learned, and experienced, and thought, and

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