Friday, October 30, 2009

Bundeli sights

Bundeli sights  - Friday 30 October 2009

[Details and more later]

Spent the day seeing tourist sights around Jhansi, a center for Bundeli or Bundelkhand history. Breakfast and walk to cenotaphs and climbing them - views and birds. Down to the river. Walk to shopping and Deej's minature at Ladakh shop, on to the Flower Gardens or Phool Bagh with non-functioning fountains, Deej's wooden stamps. Back to Resort for packing, lunch.  Car trip back to Jhansi and then very rough 1 hour road trip to Datia and Vir Singh's palace or Mahal by a lake with views of his prison, justice building, guest building, and fort.  Rough road travel back to Jhansi fort and walking around it.  Tea at the Hotel Sita.  Shatabdi trip back, 6:11 pm to 11 pm, on very old coach and very jerky ride (at 80 mph most of the time) with tea, appitizer of bread stick, and veg supper.  Back to busy Delhi traffic and to Grand Peepal Hotel

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