Monday, October 26, 2009

Witch's Hill

Witch's Hill - Friday 23 October 2009

[Here I will write about our going to the Woodstock Alumni office, about 11:30 heading down through Eastwood Estate, and then down a very difficult, rocky, overgrown landside path to Dhobi Ghat, then up the west side paved road, past a mine tunnel, to the small path going up the ridge to the top of Witch's Hill; and then down that path to Dhobi Ghat and up the road to Hanson Field.  Lindsay and I went on to Hanson Field - as Deej and Dana went up the road above Hanson Field.  Lindsay and I climbed the stairs up and up to Ridgewood and we looked into the large dinning room at Alter Ridge. The over to view the new construction at the Hostel and the large unfinished swimming pool which is in the south west corner of the play ground.  Then up the steep path to Tehri Road and on to have our second afternoon tea with staff - this time cheese sticks with tea. And back to our Hotel. More details and photos later]

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