Friday, October 30, 2009

Mall and Bandaloop

Mall and Bandaloop - Monday 26 October 2009

[Details and more later]

Morning tea with Bandaloop members. To the Mall, ATM, Cable car and snows view, women's toilet (Rs. 6 each) and Library crowd of school kists. Cycle rickshaws back to Cable and Tourist office with local maps. Buying my hat and khadi shirts. Tavern lunch. After rest, walk to Mullingar top, taxi up to the Mussoorie top at Lal Tibba and view of snows. Around the chucker past the cemetery, Kellog Church, and to Sisters Bazaar for snows map. Rush down to new Gym.  Bandaloop performance and no mention of Class59 reunion members. Tea again. Emails in the office til 6:30 - walking back on Tehri road in the dark. Iman's camera. Join others at Tavern - mean Philip.

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