Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mall and World Wide Woodstock Day and BBQ

The Mall and World Wide Woodstock Day and BBQ - Saturday 24 October 2009

[More details later, but we went to the Mussoorie Mall around 10:30, all five of us, to go shopping.  Li eventually went off by herself, we four went to the India Bank to use the ATM to get money to pay for our Hotel boarding, then we walked on to the Cable Car, took it to the top, and viewed the snows and Nag Tiba, St George's School, etc. Coming down, we went (after Deej and Lindsay paid Rs 6 each to use a Public Toilet) to the end of the Mall at the Library where there were tons of school kids, begging for the photo.  We hired a cycle rickshaw to take us from the Library to the Cable Car, and took the lower road going in to the public Tourist office, and Lindsay and I bought a local map, big enough to roll up.

Going back up the hill to the India Bank, I finally found a hat I sort of liked. Further on I found a Khadi place and got a shirt. Lindsay, Dana, and Deej went on to order lunch the Tavern as I bought some mango jices for the NT tip, and found another Khadi place where I bought two more shirts.  Late lunch at the Tavern with beers. Rest and getting reading for the night and BBQ at Judy Criders. 

Then it hit - my diarreah! Dam.  Took medicine right away.  Walked to the Criders at Pennington - a very nice affair celebrating Worldwide Woodstock Day with BBQ chicken, meeting the Criders, David Smith, seeing Beth, and meeting the pastor at the Union Church (for the last 33 years) who has a daughter in Waynesboro! 

And he offered to give a ride home, but could only take 3 so Deej, Dana, and Li went rode, while Lindsay and I started out walking back to the Hotel  They passed us just before the Landour Hospital. Since Iman's was still open around 8, we stopped there and Lindsay settled on a purple sharwar kamize outfit for Rs 1000. Back to the Hotel and some more runs. But started to get ready for tomorrow's trek and go to sleep]

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