Monday, November 15, 2010

Fatehpur Sikri and into Rajasthan

11 November 2010. Thursday

Fatehpur Sikri and travel to Ranthambhore.

Up and shower /shave, breakfast at 7:30 am, leave at 8 for Fatehpur Sikri on pretty good 4 lane road, arriving at 9:30 am. Gail sits with me

Tour Fatehpur for a couple hours – non-religious part and then religious part, amazing town.  Photo of Emperor Shah Philbar with his 9 Jewels or Chiefs (fellow travellers in the group).  Stub toe badly at the Chisti tomb with sock off.  Back to vehicle and Park.

Now a long, long road trip – mostly on good roads, 4-lane, some toll, with bus doing 40 mph, but 3 sections really bad dirt roads, bumpy, wash boards.  Lunch stop about 2 a place in the middle of nowhere, in Rajasthan and now colorful skirts and turbans.  We head west from Agra, but turn south just before Jaipur, for about 2 more hours in the dark, getting to Ranthambhore Regency around 7.  I had bad sniffles all the way, and the toe is aching.  Super at the Regency, try their Internet, but no good.  To bed, sick, tired, frustrated.

What started out as a good day – fantastic Mughal city and architecture, and watching the Rajasthani countryside go by – turned sometimes into a bumpy road as sniffles and pain engulfed me.

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