Monday, November 15, 2010

Taj Mahal, front and back

10 Nov 2010 Agra

A wonderful day seeing the Taj, going to a marble inlay shop, lunch at Only Restaurant, over to see the Baby Taj, then around to view the Agra fort from the outside, and across the bridge to see the Taj from the back side – and watch the sun set from that garden.  Supper and go to Kohinoor jewelers, so others could buy some . Back for a swim. Wow, those Mughals were amazing – culture, architecture, flowers, gardens, designs and designs.

A boring list of when, what

7:15 am up and off to walk, getting 2 water bottles and 1 coke

745 Shower

8 breakfast

840 shave

930 bus to Taj, battery taxis, tour with Vivek

11:30 to a marble inlay house, see activity and look at objects; didn’t get the $25,000 2-foot high inlay elephant.

1 Lunch at the Only Restaurant – bamboo walls and ceiling, Rajasthan boy and player greet us

2 To baby Taj – more inlay wonders and designs

4 to back side – to view the Taj from across the Jamuna in a garden

5:30 back to hotel

6 swim by myself in the Mansingh hotel pool in the back - large, swim one end to other

6:30 to jewelers – boring to me

7:30 supper at Multi-Cuisine restaurant

9 back to hotel

Getting bad sniffles –feel rotten.

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