Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiger in Ranthambhore

12 November 2010 Friday

Ranthambhore all day – a morning 3.5 hour run through the jungle, and an afternoon run also.  Then swim.

Up at 5:30 am for tea and cookies at 6, leaving at 6:30 am in an open bus. (fracas)

Pick up some 8 others from another hotel (Dev ??), people from Washington and California states on the Indo-Asian tour. Guide and driver very good.  Into the park  -- see deer, peacocks, langurs.  Finally spot a tiger walking slowly from left to right through the jungle about 150 yards away and I take burst shots of it.  Best photo of everyone’s’.

Then no more. Back by 11, breakfast and I leave to walk and get beer and walk on and on to a Rs. 60 per hour Internet place.  Upload some stuff – Taj and Fatehpur photos and alert Bryson on ‘purchases.’  Back getting a bargained Rs. 150 elephant bag.

Leave at 2 and by 6 for our afternoon run, this time further up, on the right on the plateau on Sector 4, instead of sector 6 lower down and to the left where we went in the morning. The guards and entry stations seem a peculiar ritual – each guide jumping out to make sure they get the approval of their group’s forms.  Then their jeeps or open buses can take off.  There seem to be about 30 total jeeps and buses during each visiting times.
No tiger at all this time – see white spotted owl, 2 separate crocodiles, and a baby crock, more deer and peacocks and langurs, also birds.  See sun setting on way back.

Still sniffles but maybe a little less, but toe is horrible.

Go for swim in the pool in the middle court yard and Robert takes photo after he’s had his afternoon tea there.

Supper at 730 pm – then try Internet without success.  Write Deej to call Walter to call Kailash, etc about Saturday supper – since phone calls to Kailash from my phone just ring and ring

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