Monday, November 15, 2010

To Delhi - Memorial and dinner

13 November 2010 Saturday

To Delhi by train, Florence Inn, Delhi Smriti, Crafts Museum, dinners.

Up at 5:30, pack, shower.

6 Breakfast

6:30 leave, rather 6:40 after all other open busses leave for R Park

7 at train station.  Stand around until Shatabdi comes at 7:40 instead of 7:10. 

Boring ride as window seat but next to post and a very dirty window.  Use computer to do some work on copying off from Robert’s card and adding the tiger and other photos. More 10 Nov day photo selection and revision, combos

1:20 arrive – cursing speed around 70 mph

Collect bags and off to Florence Inn

Quick sandwich lunch and off to Gandhi Smriti – which I found disappointing and boring – lots of photos, illustrations, little essays, his bed, his last footsteps in stone.  With bad English, over done . . . Over to Craft museum for a couple hours – Bengali baul singers, Madhya Pradesh painters, little knick knacks

Then to supper for the group and an interesting restaurant, as I head off to Kailash’s, phoning him, I’m sorry to be so late.  But drunk or idiot cabby, taking me wrong place first for agreed Rs. 200, the to Kailash’s – fracas with cabby at Kailash’s door 

Finally to very pleasant, and good Indian meal with Kailash and Abha around 9 to about 10:15 talking about hour family and friends.  A pre-arranged Rs. 350 cab got me home around 11 pm.  

 Rs. 15 Kingfisher beer in the room as English Wine Shops closed at 10.

Half hour Internet, some with Deej off to DC visitor / seller Kay with Beth. Send of photo of us at supper to Walter and Deej. And put up on FB

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